Monday, November 5, 2018

Finally an international trip after 3 years. Since we decided to leave our daughter for this trip, we choose to go when she get holidays. Her school will be closed for Pooja holidays during October month, so we decided to go on those days.

After a month of analysis, we shortlisted 3 nights for Bangkok & 4 nights for Phuket. There are also many more places came for discussion. Due to time constraints we settled with Bangkok and Phuket.

Booked flight tickets & hotel rooms 4 months before the journey date. All the tickets have been booked through makemy trip.

Prepared the itinerary one month before the journey date and made the required bookings well in advance.

Day 1:

Since our check in time was 3 PM, we already decided to keep our luggage in hotel and go for sightseeing, as planned we informed the hotel reception and kept our bag in luggage room. Got refreshed in hotel rest room and started our first day in Bangkok.
As I said, I had a detailed research and planned our activities well before the trip. So it wasn’t difficult for us to go through the city, in fact we never asked help from any locals during our entire trip.
Our first spot is to cover wat arun, grand palace & wat phra. Planned to cover all this area through boat in chao phroaya river, this is very cheap and will reach the destination much quicker then by road.

Breakfast on the go - We had this from a local shop at Wat Rajsingkorn pier.

Customised breakfast bowl

1st stop Wat Arun.

1st Selfie in bangkok

Crazily taller and slightly weirder buildings

While waiting for the boat..

The famous Temple - Wat Arun

Had to pose before these stunning walls at Wat Arun

Elegance - Wat Arun


After 30 minutes of ride, get down at Tha Tien pier, and went to WAT arun. Entrance cost is 100 baht. It is also called as temple of dawn, Given the beauty of the architecture and the fine craftsmanship it is not surprising that Wat Arun is considered by many as one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand.


Few shops are available, but beware of the cost factor. All items are sold 3x time of their original price.

2nd Stop Wat Pho:

the most famous temple in thailand - Wat Pho

Stunning Buddha sculptures - Wat Pho

Its too hard for him to Pose !!


Stunning architecture - Wat Pho

Prayers and Offerings at Wat Pho


WAT PHO is also called as temple of reclining Buddha with 15 meters tall, 46 meters long
Buddha's feet are 5 meters long. You’ll need to take your shoes off to enter, you can have your shoes in the plastic bag provided. If you need good luck, purchase a bowl of coins at the entrance of the hall which you can drop in the 108 bronze bowls which line the length of the walls. Even if your wishes don’t come true, the money goes towards helping the monks renovate and preserve Wat Pho. As this place is valued, all visitors must wear appropriate clothing; this means no exposed shoulders or skin above the knee. Entry for WAT PHO was 100 baht

3rd Stop:

Grand Palace:


Grand palace and WAT Phra, its around 1 km from wat pho. Grand palace was about to celebrate 230 years in a month, so the place was closed on that day for renovation. 


Street food on the way to the boat:

Coconut Ice cream with Bread

Fried Snacks - Yum!!!

Mataba - Thai street food

Checked into plaza suite room in Ramada riverside hotel.

Asiatique mall

This is a Thailand’s largest open air mall located at riverside and faces the Chao Phraya River. It will open from 5:00 pm till midnight, it has over 1,500 boutiques and 40 restaurants. Asiatique is definitely worth dedicating an evening to. 

Starter - Crab

Tom yum - Sea food soup

Prawn dimsums

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