Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Himalaya Fresh start Oil Clear Face wash - Strawberry

Hi my lovelies,

Its been a long time I reviewed something on the blog,

I have been trying and testing few summer products and I am really happy the way my skin is behaving for this summer 😄😄

Some skincare brands launch new products based on the season and Himalaya has launched their Fresh start versions of face wash which are available in Strawberry,Peach and Lemon variant.
Looking at the advertisement I thought they would be similar to clean and clear which has those micro beads and comes in strawberry and other variants as well.
I like the clean and clear face washes but it doesn't help in my acne. So I had to switch to other face washes .

Now I was little curious to check if this new Himalaya face wash performs anything different or it is a normal face wash  except for the new name.

Himalaya Fresh Start oil clear Face wash

I got the face wash from website but I guess this will be available in most of the super markets.


The face wash comes in the tube as other Himalaya face wash except the color of the tube is matched with the name. I bought the Strawberry variant and the tube is in Strawberry pink color. When I opened the package , I just sniffed the tube and OMG I just cant keep the tube down. The smell is amazingly delicious.

Himalaya Fresh Start oil clear Face wash


The face wash is strawberry pink in color and has got some micro beads which almost dissolves while rubbing on the skin.

Himalaya Fresh Start oil clear Face wash


I love how this face wash give a brightness to the skin and the smell just wakes you up. I have a combination skin and I cannot judge the oil control part. But I love the glow it gives to the skin.


It costs 75 INR for 50ml tube which I think is little pricey ( In the affordable category )  but anyways for the glow it gives I can use it everyday in the morning until the summer ends.


If I will repurchase / reuse it?

I will definitely reuse it until the tube ends but will I repurchase it?? I am not sure.

I will update in my Instagram if I repurchased it or not

until then

Stay beautiful inside and Outside

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