Thursday, January 18, 2018

KETO Pongal with Spicy Red chutney

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Being a south indian , I miss pongal during Keto lifestyle. While browsing through recipes, I could see Keto upma,Keto poha etc.. So i thought why not Keto Pongal. Initially I tried this with Moong dhal and a chef friend suggested to use Alfalfa seeds in place of moong dhal. Finally the tested recipe is here.. 



Cauliflower 500g
Alfalfa sprouts* 20g
Salt to taste
Ghee 2 tbsp
Jeera 1/2 tbsp
Ginger garlic paste 1/2 tbsp
Green chilli 1 (optional)
Pepper corns 5
Curry leaves 10

Red chutney:

Red chillies 5
Garlic 5
salt to taste
Vinegar 1tbsp
coconut oil 1/2 tbsp
water to make the chutney smooth



In a pressure cooker add the cauliflower, sprouts,salt,pepper and cook for 2 whistles or until the cauliflower cooked to the desired consistency. If u like it grainy switch off early. I like my pongal mushy so i cooked until the cauliflower is completely cooked.

In a small pan add ghee,jeera,ginger garlic paste.
Once the paste is fried, add green chilli (if adding) ,curry leaves.
After everything is fried well add the tadka to the pongal mixture and give a mix.

Red chutney:

Grind all the ingredients mentioned until smooth.


* soak the alfalfa seeds in water for a day in a container. Drain the water the next day and let them sprout for 2 days. Once sprouts appeared this can be stored in fridge and used.

If you dont prefer alfalfa seeds, you can make this recipe without it.

If required a tadka can be done for the chutney with coconut oil, mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Try this recipe and let me know how it has turned out..

Stay healthy and beautiful 
Inside and outside.

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