Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Visit to Athangudi Palace

The second part of 2017 is very exciting to me as there were many long holidays in India and few friends and relatives getting married.

As we have to attend a Friend's wedding on Nov 2nd in Karaikudi we decided to visit the famous chetinad palace and also try the chetinad cuisine.

We travelled in train and the journey was pretty comfortable as it was overnight journey. The Wedding was a traditional Southindian hindu wedding and we were served with amazing food which we dint expect 😆

Food Served at a wedding near Paramakudi - Biriyani,Mutton curry, Chicken fry, Chicken 65,Thala curry,botti fry,Brinjal curry,Raita

After this great non vegetarian food we dint had appetite to eat lunch at a chetinad mansion as planned. so we had decided to just visit the palace and have some light food.

The Athangudi palace is near the athangudi bus stand and it is being maintained by an old man who is maintaining it very well.

Lets see the pictures we captured from this historical palace.

Main Entrance with Gigantic gates

Floor with Athangudi Tiles

Thinnai / Portico of the house

The main Living Area

The old Paintings are still maintained!

I have a thing for the Vintage doors

For the Light to get in!

Vintage Windows

Designer Floor with handmade tiles

The majestic Living area.

Paintings everywhere!

Paintings everywhere!

Wonderful Ceiling!

When light enters in the house is lit with natural light!!

cute women!

Pillars of strength!

Vintage Door!

Painting in the Glass!

Wooden - tiled ceiling!

The palace is royal and majestic from the outside as well.

Tips to visit the Palace:

  • Visit during the day time
  • There is no proper restaurants to dine. It is better to decide where to eat before hand, call the mansion/restaurant and inform that you are going to visit.
  • The Care taker charges Rs50/- per head to visit the palace.
  • It is better to have own vehicle or should commute via autos. Buses availability is limited.

I hope this blog post will inspire and help you to visit the hidden treasures of Tamilnadu.

Until next trip,
Be beautiful inside and outside!

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